Published On: Sat, Aug 3rd, 2013

A Tiny Taiwanese Apartment

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This tai apartment style, by wch interior, is extremely chic and uncluttered despite its tiny scale ; employing a cohesive color palette throughout, and unobtrusive storage designs, the dwelling manages to take care of a light-weight and airy appearance.

Opposite a muted grey sofa, an entertainment wall holds a set screen tv in front of sleek wood paneling ; storage cubbies for alternative paraphernalia like dvd players, games consoles and accessories are built in.

Adjacent out to the sofa stands a bespoke set of storage units, coloured white and kept handleless thus as out to mix in along with the wall. this bank of units offers concealed storage, a show shelf for abundant loved items, as well as a suspended worktop that might be taken for each study or dining purposes.

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