Pro Tips To Help You Find The Best Area Rugs For Your Home!

Finding the right area rugs for you and your home’s unique interior design needs can be much easier said than done, which is why it goes so far for rug shoppers to do their homework and remain patient during these online shopping experiences.

There truly is so much that you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping for new rugs, and the Rug Source experts have supported us by providing the below list of questions and tips that you’ll need to make an informed investment decision.

So, keep the following tips in mind while you’re on the hunt for your home’s new area rugs and flooring décor options!

What Rug Size Do You Need?

Every rug purchase needs to be carefully planned out based upon a room or space’s specific architectural parameters, and this is why rug size is such a crucial factor to consider at the very beginning of your search.

This means that you’ll need to do your own measurements in order to pinpoint your precise minimum and maximum rug dimensions. Once you have these measurements, you’ll be able to filter your online searches based upon the size you’re in need of.

However, it’s also important to note that rugs come in many different shapes than conventional rectangles and squares. But if you’re interested in going a more unique route with your new rug’s shape, you’ll still need to conduct very precise preparatory measurements before even starting your online search.

What Area Rug Shape Are You Interested In?

As mentioned above, your rug size and shape preferences tend to go hand-in-hand with one another. The good news for today’s rug shoppers is that there are all sorts of unconventional rug shapes available throughout the online marketplace, including oval, octagonal, and custom-shaped area rugs.

Your room’s size will often dictate the rug measurements that you should focus on, and just remember that measuring tape is your friend at the beginning of your area rug hunt!

What Kind Of Rug Design Do You Prefer?

The next step of the rug shopping process is to focus on your preferred design patterns, and the two main categories you’ll have to choose from include modern rugs and traditional rugs.

There are many sub-niches within these two broader categories, but this is a solid place to begin understanding what your aesthetic preferences are. Traditional styles like Persian and Oriental rugs tend to do a wonderful job at providing an extra bit of flair to your home’s décor, whereas modern rugs often blend well within existing décor themes that are already contemporary in terms of furniture and other accessories.

And when it comes to rug designs, you’ll want to focus on creating a cohesive blend between what’s already within your room. This means that if your room has a lot of surrounding décor in it that’s rather bright and eye-catching, then you may be better off with a simpler rug design; and vice versa.

Selecting The Best Rug Design For Your Home’s Interior Design

This is where your rug shopping journey may start to get complicated, because the best rug design for you will go so much further than what looks great. It’s no secret how top-quality area rugs can be very expensive, so you’ll want to make sure that your new rug purchase falls within your financial budget as well.

Wool rugs are some of the best in the entire industry, and this is due to their overall durability in high-traffic areas. So, even if you might have to spend a little bit more on a higher quality rug, it could pay off in the long run due to how long it’ll ultimately last!

What Are Your Preferred Rug Colors?

Many rug shoppers highly value color as one of their most important shopping factors, and this makes sense considering how color will play a major role in a new area rug’s cohesiveness with the rest of your room’s décor.

Choosing rug colors is one of the most fun parts of the rug shopping experience, because this is where you can let your personality shine through. And when it comes down to it, you should really like how your new rug looks—because you’ll be the one looking at it the most!

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