Secret for Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Washbasin

Choosing the right wash basin for your bathroom can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you have no prior experience. However, if you know how to pick the right one, choosing the best wash basin can be exciting and fun. The secret to the perfect bathroom wash basin boils down to the type of basin you want and is suitable to your bathroom space, which are discussed below.

Type of wash basin

  • Top-mount wash basin

It is one of the most commonly used bathroom wash basin types. As the name suggests, it is specifically designed to sit or be placed on top of a bench or a surface. A major portion of the basin goes below the benchtop with only the rim sitting on top and visible from outside.

These wash basins can be installed with pretty much any type of benchtop material like wood or stone. Another distinct feature of this basin is that it is affordable, requires minimal effort for installation and are easy to clean.

  • Under-mount wash basin

Unlike the top-mount wash basin, this type of basin sits below the benchtop. This type of basin provides a clean and seamless look as the actual basin is hidden under the bench. Another benefit of this type of bathroom wash basin is that you can easily clean and wipe the water spills directly from the benchtop to the sink without any hindrance. However, these basins cost a little higher than top-mount basins.

  • Vessel basin

Vessel basin basically sits entirely over the benchtop and is an ideal choice of basin to make a statement in your bathroom. They are fashionable and look like a large bowl. The only thing you must be careful about installing this type of basin is the positioning, it must be placed at the right height so that everyone in the family can use it comfortably. Also, it can be tricky to clean these basins, especially in the lower part of the bowl.

  • Pedestal basin

If your overall bathroom décor revolves around ‘keep it simple’ concept then a pedestal basin would be an excellent option, especially if the pipes have to go through the floor, and cannot be changed. The pedestal basin sits between the underside of the basin and the bathroom flooring.

This type of basin is aesthetically pleasing, and adds a classic and clean vibe to your bathroom. However, the only issue with this basin is that you don’t get any storage space below the basin.

  • Wall-mounted basin

A simple wall-mounted wash basin can be directly fixed to the wall without the need for any surface or benchtop. It helps you save a lot of space, and is an ideal choice of basin if you have a small bathroom. Thus, it gives your bathroom a streamlined and minimalist feeling.

A wall-mounted basin does not require any cabinets, and therefore, it leaves more visible space in the bathroom, making it seem larger than it actually is. However, for the wall-mount basin to work, you must conceal all the pipes and other fittings inside the wall to maintain the clean look.

Final Word

So, there you go, now you know the different types of bathroom wash basins you can choose. Assess the style that appeals to you the most and suits your bathroom space and choose the one accordingly. If you are not sure or feel confused, you can consult an interior designer and they will guide you better in terms of space management, style, and size of the basin to best suit your bathroom.