How to Choose the Right Sectional Sofa


Sectional sofas have become very popular over the years and for all the right reasons. They are usually made of two or more pieces that form a single unit. If your old couch is broken, you can get it fixed by pros by searching for “furniture repair near me”. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a new sofa, here’s how you may choose a new one:

The Choices

  1. Budget – Your budget is a very important factor that dictates the choices available to you. It’s important to look for stylish and functional sectional sofas within your specified range. It’s important to choose the features you can and can’t do without. For instance, certain sectionals like power recliners are going to cost a lot more than regular sectionals since they use motors, levels, suspenders, and many more complicated components.

The material and size of the sectional will also affect the price. If you want your sectional to be made of exquisite wood, layered dynamic density foam, and plush fabric, the cost is going to be sky-high. It’s important to note the existing seating that your sectional is going to replace and act accordingly. 

  1. Size and shape of the room – You also need to pay attention to the size and shape of your room before you can buy your sectional. The sofa needs to fit the room before it can satisfy your aesthetic taste and comfort requirements. That’s why you need to measure the room and make sure that all the sectionals you’re browsing fit that budget.

The sofa doesn’t just need to fit the room but should also leave a decent amount of space in the room. For instance, you’d want at least 1.5 feet of distance from the wall on either side of the sectional. Otherwise, traffic in the room would be very congested and you would find that moving in the room is very annoying. You need to consider the same thing if you have a sectional with a chaise lounge.

You need to place the chaise on the side with the least amount of traffic to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Also, make sure that you don’t block architectural features like windows, fireplaces, and shelving with the sectional. Blocking certain features would impede functionality and, in some cases, may cause safety issues.

  1. Consider functionality – In interior design “function over form” is the key to designing any feature or piece of furniture. The same goes for your sectional sofa. You need to think about the functionality of the sectional sofa very carefully. Think about the room in which the sectional sofa is going to be. What is the purpose of the sectional in that room? What is that room most used for?

For instance, if you like to use that room for seating guests, you may want to consider a sectional with extra seating. If you use the room mostly for binging on Netflix shows with the family, you may want to consider a setup with ample sprawl. In this case, a chaise lounge would fit the purpose. In this case, you need to think about how you and your family use the room, not how others may use the room.

  1. Consider scale – When you choose a sectional sofa, it’s also important to consider furniture scale. When it comes to design furniture scale usually involves the dimensions of your sofa, length, width, and height. You’ll want your furniture to be proportional to the rest of the furniture in the room so that it doesn’t look out of place.

For instance, if you have a small coffee table you may not want to go with a huge sectional sofa. Otherwise, you may consider switching out the coffee table with one that fits the scale of the new sectional. Scale also includes height and it’s especially important for a sectional sofa. For instance, if you have tall ceilings, a low-profile sectional sofa may not be the right fit.

  1. Consider your style – You’ll also need to consider while choosing a sectional sofa is your own interior design style. If you have an ornate silhouette with large furniture pieces and light fixtures, you may want to stick with the traditionally styled sectionals. On the other hand, modern sectionals suit low-profile and minimalist designs. If you’re lucky you may come across sectionals that have a neutral style and fit right in with a vast range of interior decor styles. 
  1. Types of sectionals – When you have nailed all the above-mentioned factors, it comes to choosing the right type of sectional. There are various types of sectionals available in the market and you’re spoilt for choice. The most popular among the bunch are L-shaped sectionals that form a right angle with one side being longer than the other.

You can also choose a chaise sectional for your home. Chaise sectionals are a form of L-shaped sectional sofas. However, instead of being bent at a right angle, you get two pieces that come together to form a right angle. Chaise pieces are modular pieces that can be added to other sectional sofas to create a vast range of shapes. These kinds of sectionals are perfect for sprawling and falling asleep during movie nights.

If you have a big room, you may want to consider a U-shaped sectional sofa. As the name suggests, they are U-shaped sofas that extend outside on both sides. That makes them great for accommodating a lot of guests and entertaining them. They are by far some of the most comfortable sectionals. Some of them even have an ottoman in the middle so that everyone can rest their feet on it. 


There’s a lot that goes into choosing a new sectional sofa. From your budget to the size and shape of the room and much more. You can use the above-mentioned factors to choose the perfect sectional sofa for you or get the old one fixed by searching for “furniture repair near me”.