Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it’s crucial to prepare your kitchen for the summer to deal with the hot climate and mess that comes along with the hot weather. Fortunately, preparing your kitchen for the summer is not that difficult if you know how to proceed forward with the task.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to prepare your kitchen for summer:

  1. Conduct a deep cleaning – One of the easier ways to prepare your kitchen for the summer is to conduct a deep cleaning of the room. Cleaning and decluttering the kitchen space would make the kitchen feel more inviting and also allow you to work in a more organized environment.

For effective deep cleaning of your kitchen, we recommend you clean the floors, wipe the dust off the kitchen cabinets, and clean and organize all the kitchen items and utensils thoroughly. It is also recommended to organize the refrigerator and reduce clutter since you have to use it a lot more during the summer.

  1. Add some flowers and plants – Green plants and colorful flowers are some of the most wonderful decorative items you can add to your home in the summer. Natural decorations such as bright daffodils and sunflowers would allow you to make the space feel more vibrant, welcoming, and infuse it with a warmth that makes you enjoy cooking even more. Just ensure you place the flowers and plants in a location that receives plenty of sunlight so that they can continue to thrive.

We recommend you add a herb garden if you have a windowsill that can accommodate small plants. Fresh herbs can offer a country vibe to your modern home and enable you to pluck fresh herbs for cooking during the summer.

  1. Add a few seasonal wall arts – It is possible to transform the look and vibe of your kitchen by adding a single piece of seasonal wall art that reflects the continuity of the season. Wall-arts don’t have to be expensive or large; they just have to be beautiful and evoke an emotional response.

Something simple such as a picturesque landscape, sunny day, or a beach is appropriate during the summer since it reflects the summer vibe and fills the space with liveliness.

  1. Install kitchen mirrors – During the summer months, you can add kitchen mirrors to harvest as much natural light as possible and also optimize the flow of light that enters your home and the kitchen. You can hang the mirrors opposite to the windows so that that light that enters the kitchen can bounce off the mirror and illuminate other areas of the room. This would allow you to reduce electricity costs and make the kitchen feel more spacious.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consider purchasing new accessories that can come to your aid during the summer. For instance, you can purchase an ice crusher and cocktail maker to enjoy refreshing drinks during the summer. You can even replace the old refrigerator or oven if they are not functioning properly.