How To Make Your Home Stand Out On The Market

Placing your house on the market is not always an easy process. Beyond the extensive bureaucracy involved, there is also the challenge of value. Achieving a great return on investment is generally dictated by the fluctuations of the market and the general factors of a neighbourhood. However, an individual property can still achieve a greater value, even when compared with nearby homes, promising it is able to stand out.

To accomplish this, homeowners must make certain considerations and changes to their home, adjusting it in ways that make it a more enticing purchase for buyers. Today, we’re drawing from the expertise of estate agents to share the best ways to do this and, as a result, get the best value for your property.

Kerb Appeal

When interacting with any experienced property seller, you will repeatedly hear one important phrase: kerb appeal. This alludes to the first impression your home will make and how it is seen from the outside.

A property will stand out with a freshly painted facade, tidy garden, and attractive doors and windows, suggesting value even before a potential buyer steps inside. In addition to making a great first impression, kerb appeal also holds great outward-facing value, which is an attractive quality to many since living in an attractive home is generally something every resident wants.

Modern Features

There are a number of modern assets and features that help a home to stand out. Homeowners would be wise to install electric car charging points, future-proofing the property as electric cars begin to become standardised, as well as to find log cabins for sale, a garden feature that has become increasingly popular for the opportunity it affords homeowners to establish a remote working space within their home.

With a little market research, even smaller trends can be identified, such as boiling water taps, and installed to make a property seem more up-to-date and comfortable.

Clear Aesthetics

Be sure to clean and clear your home. In addition to ensuring that it is immaculate, which any seller should ensure as a standard, it is beneficial to remove as many belongings as possible, especially larger furniture items.

While there can be advantages to showing a living space as it is used, buyers are most likely to favour space and will want to see the capacity of a property, as well as imagine their own input into its design. As such, be sure to, at the very least, remove any personal items, such as family photographs, and then where possible strip down living spaces to demonstrate how much potential space a property has.

Minimal Costs

To give a property even more appeal, it should minimise its ongoing costs. This means achieving a great EPC rating, having abundant insulation, and requiring little in the way of utility bills and maintenance costs. If a buyer sees high costs in the future, as well as the need for any immediate repairs, they are more likely to use the evidence as leverage to make a lower offer on the property.