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Modern Interior Designs to Help You Create a Sleek Space

Modern design doesn’t mean space is filled to the brim with stainless steel, glass, and no personality. It’s more about embracing a simplistic design that is as functional as it is stylish. We have a few tips to help you turn your space into a sleek space that looks like the homes in interior design magazines.

1. Begin with a streamlined sectional and simple accent chairs

A good place to begin building your modern design is to choose a neutral color streamlined sectional. The sectional should be low-profile and use materials like leather, jute, or other textured fabrics. You’ll want to avoid ornate furniture pieces or fabrics with bright colors.

To accent your sectional, incorporate simplistic accent chairs in a complementary color – or go with clear acrylic for a touch of the unexpected! Not only do the acrylic chairs serve the purpose of additional seating, but they help keep the feeling open and airy. After all, since they’re clear, they won’t obstruct your line of sight, and it’ll be like they aren’t there.

2. Use intentional bursts of color to jazz up a neutral color palette

The main focus of the modern design is to approach the space with a “less is more” attitude. So with that in mind, start with a neutral color palette that utilizes shades of white, beige, or grey. Then you’ll want to incorporate natural materials like bamboo, stone, or wood to add some warmth back to the room.

If you feel like your space is too neutral, you can add pops of color through accessories, rugs, artwork, and pillows. Although colors like mustard yellow, oranges, and browns are closely associated with mid-century design, feel free to choose a color you love.

3. Metallic finishes can add dimension and visual interest

When creating a modern style space, you’ll want to choose high-polish metallic finishes like chrome, copper, and stainless steel that reflect natural light. A very easy way to incorporate metallic finishes is by choosing modern light fixtures. You can also achieve this look with mirror and picture frames, pendant lights, cabinet hardware, and furniture.

4. Use built-in storage to minimalize clutter

To keep your space as neat and sleek as possible, you’ll want to keep the clutter to a minimum. You can do that by using furniture pieces with built-in storage where you can tuck away the items you don’t use every day. Examples of furniture with built-in storage include a coffee table with hidden storage, a tv unit with drawers, or a bookshelf with doors.

5. Add life to a room with large leaf plants

Your home may feel like it’s missing something, so why not add large leaf plants to add life and pops of green to your space? Plants like fiddle leaf figs, dragon trees, and Phalaenopsis orchids provide that mid-century modern look, but you can solidify the look by using raised planters with clean lines.

The beauty of adopting a modern interior design style (or any design style, really) is that nothing is permanent. You aren’t making big changes that’ll affect future home appraisals, nor will your design choices be a distractor for potential buyers. And instead, they’ll be able to appreciate your home even more.

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